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Mom Mondays: The Healthy Hockey Mom


I’ve begun preparations for a solid fourteen days of game time this holiday season. And by game time, I mean eating and drinking, with a side of eating and drinking some more. I do love to kick back and socialize with family and friends, despite the toll it takes on my body! After Christmas, I’m hitting the gym. I mean it.  

There is no shortage of online health advice for the hockey player: cardio, strength training, skating treadmills, and nutrition - and cucumber and kale-infused water for their bottles. (I’m just kidding about that last one.) The higher the level of hockey, the more attention is paid to their off-ice fitness and diet routine. Until my kids played competitive hockey, I had no idea there was zero tolerance for post-game Slushies.   

No one ever talks about fitness training and nutrition for the hockey mom! What good is a healthy, fit hockey player if the one driving him or her is not? Exaggeration and humour aside, I do think hockey moms always put their kids’ fitness and diet needs over their own.

I’m no fitness trainer or nutritionist, but allow me to share some simple fitness strategies for really busy hockey moms:  

  • After dropping your player and their equipment at the door, park your car in the spot the farthest away from the arena as possible giving you an extra ten minutes a day of walking in sub-zero temperatures and with ridiculous windchill (so don’t forget a toque and mittens!);
  • Sit in the very highest row of the bleachers and grab at least one pee break during the game for four sets of stair climbing (and for a little bit of fun, try that horizontal running like Amy from Pitch Perfect!);
  • Nothing says ‘leg day’ like doing some hockey bag lunges from one end of the dressing room to the other;
  • Move everyone’s hockey bags around just before game time; hockey bags make awesome kettle balls;
  • Check out the community room upstairs at the arena – I bet there’s  Zumba class going on at least one evening a week during hockey practices;
  • These new arenas being built these days? They have indoor walking tracks. For real!
  • Keep a meal replacement drink in your car (especially helpful if those fresh French fry smells get you every time) and leave your wallet in the car during games (to ensure you’re unable to pay for any fresh French fries!); and lastly,
  • Since, you’ve got the carpool gig going for when your multi-player family is double-booked, keep it up so you can stay home and do some yoga.  

Some hockey moms have perfectly legitimate reasons for not taking some time during hockey to be active. Every hockey mom has been there! Leaving aside physical restrictions and disabilities, we’ve all been that mom who needs to sleep or work or get the groceries done during hockey. I’ve slept in my car because I simply can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I’ve sat in a corner of the arena and read a book because I need to get it back to the library in two days. I wrote my book mostly in a hockey arena and know many others who have to work during their kids’ games and practices. Hockey moms always seem to be doing double-duty.  

My point is, with just a little thought and planning, there is sometime a little wiggle room for a little wiggle-waggle. January is coming and those New Year’s Resolutions are going to be popping up on your internet feed soon enough. We always put our hockey players’ health ahead of our own; maybe it’s time to think a little more about ourselves.  

Three cheers for healthy hockey moms – and Namaste!

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